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A lifetime of visits would not be enough to exhaust the sheer physical diversity of France. You can visit the coasts of Brittany, the hills of the Provence, the canyons of the Pyrenees, the bays of Corsica, the valleys of the Dordogne, the meadows of the Loire valley, and the peaks of the Alps. Each region is different, with a different style of architecture, its own characteristic food and often its own dialect. The French word pays means a whole country, but people have a strong sense of regional identity so they frequently refer to their own region as mon pays: my country.

France has been the vanguard of European development for more than a thousand years, and the accumulation of prosperity is to be seen everywhere in the amazing variety of places to visit. This legacy of history and culture – le patrimoine – is so widely spread across France that even a short stay will leave you with a impressive sense of France’s past.

France also has exuberantly equipped and innovative museums and galleries. And fabulous displays of fine art in Paris, where the finest creative artists of the last century and a half have made their masterpieces, like Monet, Matisse, Picasso and Van Gogh.

Finally, France has a lot of open space for outdoor activities, like walking, canoeing, cycling, skiing and sailing. But if you like clubs, shops, fashion, movies and music; you can find plenty of these in the great cities. And of course there is also Disneyland Paris for those who love good old fashioned entertainment.

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