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The Netherlands is a fascinating and unique country with a rich history and culture. The country’s landscape is largely man-made, with almost half of its land once under water. Each town has its own distinct identity, and visitors can enjoy a diversity of accents and dialects spoken by the friendly locals.

In the spring and summer, the country’s famous bulb fields come to life with colorful tulips and other flowers. The Netherlands is also home to a stunning coastline protected by expansive dunes that lead to beautiful sandy beaches.

With most Dutch people speaking English and an efficient public transport system, the country is easy to navigate and explore. Visitors can experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere of cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which boast an abundance of museums showcasing art from the Golden Age, as well as lively nightlife scenes and a variety of festivals featuring Dutch and foreign artists.

Benelux Travel Experts can help you discover the best of the Netherlands, from its picturesque landscapes to its vibrant cities, and everything in between. Contact us to plan your unforgettable journey.

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